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Individually strong, unbeatable as a team

bilstein 集团是一家家族经营的独立企业集团,旗下拥有国际强势产品品牌 febi bilstein, SWAG 与 Blue Print。 不论从个体层面还是从整体层面,它们都代表着高质量、精确配合的零配件(就OE质量而言)。成立集团后,产品范围的深度和广度均超乎寻常,产品种类超过55000种,而且所有配件均满足最严格的生产质量与装配安全要求。对于这种独一无二的产品范围,我们又提供实践导向的服务与解决方案加以补充,应用于其最重要的场所——独立厂家的现场。

作为汽车零配件市场的领先专家,bilstein集团以其产品质量、供应安全与服务创新促进全球市场的发展。对产品范围持续的广度与深度扩展有力证明了生产商的专业技术。正是因为凭借专业技术,质量与装配安全一次又一次地经受住了考验。bilstein 集团的另一优势在于杰出的物流。不变的产品可用性与高科技仓储维持着客户与合作伙伴的信任。不管在全世界的任何角落,客户和合作伙伴总能享有个性化定制的解决方案。

bilstein 集团数据
营业额:5.27 亿欧元


发现 bilstein 集团多样化的产品范围!

bilstein 集团的产品品牌涵盖乘用车与商用车行业中的主流品牌和型号的55000多种汽车配件。产品范围包括下列产品组:

  • 转向技术
  • 发动机技术
  • 刹车技术
  • 悬架技术
  • 汽车电气系统
  • 车轮紧固件
  • 驾驶室部件(仅适用于卡车)
  • 气动系统(仅适用于卡车)
  • 流体



对于 febi bilstein 公司来说,这就意味着需要在这方面毫不妥协。除了材料质量以外,准确的安装也同样重要,因为只有这样才能确保我们的转向系统零部件能够与汽车完美地匹配。




作为一家可靠的供应商,febi bilstein 为欧洲市场上几乎所有品牌和型号的汽车提供各类车用油液和润滑脂。

febi bilstein 公司生产的车用油液和润滑脂符合汽车生产商的所有要求,是原装产品的优良替代。




在发动机技术领域,febi bilstein 公司为乘用车提供的产品类别极为丰富,适合欧洲所有主流汽车品牌和型号。


SEARCHING BECOMES FINDING: The New Online Parts Search Engine of the bilstein group 

– with the complete passenger car ranges from febi, SWAG, and Blue Print!

bilstein group partsfinder: The most advanced search engine in the independent aftermarket is now online

Whether you're a car driver or a workshop mechanic: If you need a spare part today, you normally search for it online. However, unlike clothes and cellphones, the appropriate wear part is not always easy to find on the internet. Without the exact part number, the search can be extremely time-consuming – and the results often not entirely suitable.

The bilstein group has put an end to this eternal search - with partsfinder. The new search engine, online since 1st June 2017, provides direct access to more than 45,000 products from the bilstein group - from ABS sensors to cylinder head bolts. partsfinder determines the correct result based on just a few keywords. For example: The information "Golf 2003 1.6 brake discs rear axle 286 mm" is enough to find the required part. Based on the year of manufacture, the search engine recognizes that the only model that need be considered is the VW Golf 5. Based on the other entries, the results can be narrowed down significantly.

Apart from this, users have additional options to search for a part, for example, using the OE number. No matter which path is selected: Results are never more than three clicks away. Moreover, many product pages feature 360-degree illustrations, functional descriptions, or safety data sheets.

The partsfinder is free of charge and can be used without registering. Registered users also have access to exclusive additional functions – for example, you can save your favorite models in a “car park” and call them up again at any time.

"With the bilstein group partsfinder, we have created the most advanced online search engine in the independent aftermarket. We want users to find our spare parts and all important information as easily and quickly as possible. partsfinder proves that the bilstein group not only offers spare parts of outstanding quality, but also the relevant services", says Group Managing Director Karsten Schüßler-Bilstein.

You'll find all the information you need at:

bilstein group
The febi, SWAG, and Blue Print brands are united under the bilstein group. In 2016, 1,925 employees generated sales in more than 170 countries amounting to more than half a billion euros. You'll find further information at:


febi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Hon Mei Rd. 1905
200233 Shanghai
P.R. China

电话: +86 21 54453322
传真: +86 21 54452768

Oxana vom Brocke
Marketing and Communications Manager
电话: +86 1862102 9519

Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH & Co. KG
Wilhelmstr. 47
58256 Ennepetal

电话: +49 2333 911-0
传真: +49 2333 444

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